Friday, August 31, 2012

UPDATE: Week 3 "No Poo"

Pin It Now! Just an update. I'm on week 3 of not using commercial detergent or conditioner and I am really really liking what is happening to my hair. FIRST WEEK was rough, the SECOND WEEK I seemed to be over producing oil, and this third week has been great!

Week 3
One thing I have to say that I have been doing is brushing my hair with a boar bristle brush from roots to ends to distribute the natural oils.  It really makes my hair shiny and soft. I also add a few drops of essential oils straight onto the bristles and brush through my hair (smells amazing btw). I love it!!

I still straighten and curl my hair and I've noticed I don't even need hair spray! Kinda cool :) But then with our wonderful South Texas humidity, my hair lays out..No frizz though!!! So I'm looking into some safe alternatives for hairspray. Once I find something do-able, I'll let y'all know.

Have a happy Friday!!

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