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Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I currently am a stay-at-home-mom who loves creativity. I literally have ideas bursting out my ear holes. Since I can't keep up with myself sometimes, I have decided to create this blog as sort of an organizer/diary of all my crazy ideas and experiences. I am by no means a writer or journalist. I don't write in any particular form or style, unless there is a style called, "I write exactly what I'm thinking." Did I mention grammatical errors?? Yeah, there will be those too. Sorry...

My quest to become greener...Ever since I was little I have curious about nature and it's healing powers. I have one memory where me and my little girl friend were out playing in the farming field behind our house (I liked to bury "treasure" out there) and she cut her leg. I got some plants, (probably weeds) mushed them up, and spread it all over her cut...The following day at school she was ranting and raving about how I made her cut feel better. Go me...The little hippie healer!!

On my journey to become all natural,organic, and green I have to get one thing straight... I'm not a vegan, nor do I have anything against them (I have mad respect for that kind of lifestyle). I'm sorry, but I like meat. And I also believe in "catching" my own food to eat (Does that count as organic??). Also, I am not a dietician, personal trainer, holistic healer, medicine woman, etc. So anything I post I have tested on myself (or my unwilling family) only. Should you want to try anything I have posted or experienced I urge you to do it with caution and please be wary of any reactions or allergies you might have.

My husband Luis and I and our beautiful creation...Our ladybug, Annabella.

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