Monday, September 17, 2012

Manic Mondays: Diaper Cake Tutorial

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With my baby shower coming up in a couple of weeks, I decided to save a bit of money and make my own diaper cake. I did a search on how to make them and found that there are about 3 different methods. The Rolled Up Version, the Pinwheel Version (which I was initially going to make), and then the Folded Version (which I did make). I liked the folded version because it was different, I had never seen this, and it looked really cute. Just something to think about: I didn't go with the traditional rolled up version because I feel that taking rubber bands off EVERY SINGLE diaper is a pain in the butt. That"s 60-100 diapers you'd have to do that to!! Something a new mom would not like to put on her, already busy, schedule. I recommend the pinwheel or folded version.

What you will need:
My theme was sports..Can you tell??

-Size one or newborn diapers
-Hot glue gun
-Baby items (bottle, bib, teether ring, etc.)
-Any decorative embellishments to go with your theme.
-Receiving blanket (to wrap around a layer)
-Safety pins

Start by folding the diaper in half. You can use either side.

Then take a ribbon (yarn or twine works too) and pinch off a loop. Start filling in with the folded diapers. As you add more diapers, add more slack to your ribbon.

Keep adding until you get to a desired size. Tie the ribbon to keep secure.

If the hole in the middle is big enough for another "wheel" of folded diapers, go ahead and use the same concept and place inside. If it is not, you can place some folded diapers inside like I did or use rolled up diapers.
To roll a diaper, completely open the diaper and start tightly rolling until you get to the end. Secure with an elastic.

You can also use a cake pan to make the smaller layers of the cake.

If you'd like, wrap a receiving blanket around a layer and secure with a safety pin. This is optional. You can also use any decorative ribbon or layers of ribbon in any size or sizes you prefer. This is a chance for you to get creative. For ribbon, use tape to secure.

Once your layers are done and you've wrapped ribbon or blankets around. Start adding the rest of the goodies. You can tuck in items behind the ribbon or hot glue items (like the wooden balls I added) to the ribbon. Try not to hot glue anything to the diapers, that will make them unusable. You can put a little stuffed animal on top, little shoes, or anything else that might go with your theme. BE CREATIVE (tired of me saying that yet? haha)!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope it was somewhat helpful enough for you to make your own or make one for someone else.

I promise I will update this and add a video (as requested) soon. This is my first time ever making a diaper cake and I had to figure out what the heck I was doing first before it went on video. If you have any questions, please use the comments section below or send me an email...Diaper WREATH tutorial will be up asap!! Happy Monday!