Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Pooing (So not what you're thinking)

Pin It Now! So I have been reading and reading...and reading..Up on this whole "no poo shampoo" kick that has seemed to take over the blogger nation (which has inspired me to make my own blog btw). It happened when I stumbled across this blogger's experience and was immediately intrigued. Here is a section from her blog that made the little light go off in my head...

"So I decided to stop using shampoo and jump on this tiny “no poo shampoo” train that was starting. In theory it made sense to me, that commercially made hair washes strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils which makes your scalp freak out and produce more and more which makes you rely more heavily on soaps to clean it. Meanwhile, since your natural oils never get a chance to make it to the ends of your hair, you have to rely on conditioners to soften it and protect it. From the standpoint of shampoo manufacturers it makes a whole lot of sense. From a more natural beauty standpoint, um, not so much."

Seriously! It makes perfect since. Crazy sense..BUT <<Big but...I have super curly thick hair that I have been straightening and coloring for the past, oh I don't know, 10 years????? We are talking heat damage (major heat damage), chemical damage (I'm an impulsive hair color-er), and all 5 products I use in my hair that contain harmful chemicals (which are supposed to protect and make my hair look better, but don't)that I slather on it....Let's not forget I live in SOUTH Texas (hot and humid much?) and I am 7 months pregnant so my hormones are already out of whack!! So, the ultimate question is, "Will this work for me???". Can I actually do this? Will I be able to stand it?? Okay, that was like 3 questions...

But seriously, the more I read about other personal experiences, the more I'm psyching myself into doing it. And there are ways to manage through it; baking soda, tea tree oil, ACV rinses, etc. Not to mention in the end I can save SO much money. I'm sure my husband, the skeptic, will think I've completely lost my marbles this time and will most likely blame my pregnancy hormones for sure. Maybe I shouldn't tell him what I'm up to this time. Haha! I think I'm going to ponder on this adventure one more day and make a decision by tomorrow....What are your thoughts?


  1. Good to know. I should probably stop pooing. Great start on blogging.

    1. Haha! Thanks Cecil! Next time you see me I might have some "all natural" hair!! Gotta start somewhere right? :)