Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plastic Bag Organization

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Does anyone else have a plethora of plastic bags shoved into a dark corner or space under their kitchen sink?? Around my home we use them for all sorts of things..Trash can liners for the bathroom, pickup doggie doo-doo outside,  scooping up dirty kitty litter, pretend parachutes, and wrapping up breakables.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've found some ways to reuse and recycle a lot of stuff in our house that usually sits in a land fill for 50+ years or kills little baby ducks. This being ONE of the many things you can do with plastic grocery bags. I'll have more posts later on with tutorials and such to make REUSABLE bags out of plastic ones..

What you will need:

12-15 Plastic grocery bags
1 Clorox disinfecting wipes container

I used an Amour-All container. Works just as great!

First thing you will need to do is flatten out all the plastic bags. This is what is the most time consuming.
Then fold lengthwise and fold up the handles. You only have to fold up the handle for the very first one.
Then place another bag at the end of the first one, overlapping the handle. Like so.....
You can also see that I am starting to roll the bags, leaving that one handle sticking out. Keep rolling and adding bags until you are done and have enough to fill your container.
Put inside the container with the bag handles sticking out, and you are done!! I think I'll be keeping this one in my car since we seem to collect a lot of trash.

Any one else have some ideas on what we can use our plastic grocery bags for????

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