Thursday, September 27, 2012

Toddler Activity: Leaf Bracelet

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My daughter and I went for our daily walk this morning. But instead of our usual routine, I decided to let my "mini me" build some creative thinking skills and hunt for leaves to make a leaf bracelet. I can't remember which website I had seen this on and if any one finds it, please let me know so I can link back to that site. Our leaf hunt was cut short unfortunately due to rain (It came out of nowhere!) so I'll have to remember this again for another time...

Picture courtesy of my daughter haha

Some of the things we worked on were: Which leaves were big and which were small (grouping) what colors they were, and how many (grouped and all together).  After we gathered around 10 or so, we headed back home and I let her design her own leaf bracelet.

I cut a strip of coloring paper (any paper work work) and stuck on some double sided tape. You could even just use duct tape but I don't know where the hubby hides it, so improvise we did!

 Then I let her stick the leaves on to make her leaf bracelet. She seemed to favor the small ones.

And that's it!! Nothing fancy or anything. Just some good 'ole fashion fun with a little bit of learning mixed in. My little monster seemed to enjoy it!! :)

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