Monday, August 20, 2012

Doggie Green Shampoo

Pin It Now! On my journey to becoming a green goddess I have enlisted a few of my family members (mostly to use as my lab rats mwahahaha.) to try out my homemade products.  My most recent being our new little puppy, Astro.  This recipe is basic, gentle, and will make that skunky dog smell disappear.  Did I mention it's super easy and only a fraction of the cost of those insanely priced cosmetic shampoos?

Homemade Dog Shampoo

4 oz non-toxic dish-washing liquid (joy, dawn, or ivory all work fine.)
4 oz water
4 oz apple cider vinegar
1 oz (or 2 tbs) glycerin

Just so you know....
  • The apple cider vinegar deodorizes and keeps fleas away.
  • The dish soap loosens dirt and makes your dirt digger squeaky clean.
  • The glycerine moisturizes the skin and helps reduce itching and scratching. It's great for allergies!
  • The water dilutes the chemicals in the other ingredients. You can always add more if you feel the need.

You will also need a measuring cup and clean container. I re-purposed an old 16oz shampoo bottle.  

Measure out, pour into container, and mix ingredients well. See my advanced action shot below.

Give that little (or big) puppy and good wash!

Don't worry about that vinegar smell. It goes away once he's dry. Then he will be oh so soft and fluffy. And CLEAN!!

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