Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saving Lives, One Day At A Time.

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Yesterday, we welcomed a new little addition to our family.

Our local animal control was going to euthanize this adorable little guy along with his two brothers. How could they do such a thing to such a cute face?! I don't know, but we snatched him up and brought him home (I wish I could take them all!!).

AC says he is a Collie/Terrier mix (omg can you say energy?) And right now he's about the size of a Chihuahua. Simply adorable, well mannered, and took to our 2 1/2yr old daughter well (whew).
Makes my heart melt!

Since last night, I have been scouring the internet doing research on homemade dog shampoos. I've raised hunting dogs and Blue Heelers all my life so I know all about those nasty pesticides in those products. It's been on my skin, in my eyes and mouth, and it's not a good feeling. I don't want those chemicals on my daughter or on me,since I'm pregnant, or on our sweet little Astro (hubby didn't take to Cowboy, he's a Texan fan ::rolls eyes::).  He deserves better!

I've found a few homemade green alternatives but I'm still not satisfied. I won't stop till I am! Once I do find something good, I'll post a recipe for all my animal lover friends to use :)
Freaking adorable!

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